How to Play?Go to Play/Account

1. Select your prediction. Do you think that Bitcoin will go up or down?
2. Select your bet, it starts from 2$
3. Once your bet is placed, you must wait until the time of closing the bet.
4. You can click in the Details button to view a full information of your bet.
5. If you get an opponent (another user with a opposite bet), you can double up your bet if you win.
6. Once the bet time is closed, players will receive the Bitcoin start price according to the current market price.
7. Winner is announced after 15 minutes of bet closed with the Bitcoin closed price. Prize will be added to account balance.
8. If you don't get an opponent until the bet time is closed, your bet will be refunded to your purchase balance.
9. Our fee is 5% of total bet, it will be discounted from the prize of winner.